Chief Rabbi Mirvis


The Steinberg Family Charitable Trust, The Philip J Davies Charitable Trust,

The Beaverbrooks Charitable Trust


Judy & Johnny Lyons, Jacky & Michael Edelson, The PAH Family Charitable Trust,

Lecia and Robert Simon, The Manson Family Charitable Trust, Cara & Richard Basso,

The Bonamy Charitable Trust, ​ Lynn & Mike Basso, Tony and Gillian Raynes


Sarah & Marc Sivner, The Chyah Davies Foundation, Stephen Johnson,

The AMR Sciama Charitable Trust

The support of our Patrons is integral to making our vital work possible.

As well as giving us greater financial security our Patrons share our vision, giving people with disabilities the chance to lead a rewarding and fulfilling life. 




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Charity Registration Number: 1135828

With grateful thanks to the following organisations who have provided emergency COVID-19 funding, enabling us to carry out our vital work within the Jewish community.